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Model Singer Songwriter Actress​

Femme fatale

We are very proud to offer our new studio to all photographic bookings! 

⭐ The use of the studio and equipment is fully inclusive in all bookings! ⭐

 (Non commercial bookings only, please enquire for commercial rates)

The Studio

Wooden floor
Blackout blinds
324 square foot heated space


6 x 300W strobes
1 x 400W strobe
1.7m Octabox
60cm beauty dish with grid
2 x 35cm x 160cm strip softbank
2 x gridded barn-doors
4 x small gridded beauty dish
Lighting stands
Boom arm
Various constant lighting


White, blue and black muslin.  3m x 6m
Various paper coloured backdrops (White, grey and black)
Brown mottled muslin. 3m x 6m
Two Textured backdrops: 3m x 3m and 2m x 3m
2 x 3m background stands


High quality rope (can be attached to the ceiling securely) 5m x 40mm rope with ceiling mount
2 x Wooden posing crates
A collection of 1960s vintage posing stools (adjustable). 
Full length mirror
Wind machine
Smoke machine
Various ISO triggers
Gels (Various colours available)
Sound system


Radiator and fan heaters
Tea/Coffee and refreshments available. 
Kitchen and WC available. 


The garden area of the studio may also be used. 

Parking and WiFi

Free parking and WiFi is available. 


Over the years, I have worked with and been approached by a wide range of modelling agencies. At the moment I primarily work freelance and choose to be self employed, although I would like to keep my options open for the right opportunity. 

By my (somewhat brutal admission!) I was never a runway model. I am far too petite and curvaceous for the mainstream runway and fashion world. At 5’6 and a UK size 8,  I remember being quite disheartened as a teenager that I was neither tall enough or slim enough for many Fashion and Lingerie companies, who often require female models to be a UK size 4 and 5’9 and above in height. 

As such I found a lot of my success was in the Freelance photography world and working with a wide range of photographers on various Freelance photography websites, communities and networks kick started my career. 

These networks of creatives often embraced models of all heights and dress sizes, which I found very encouraging- I had found my niche! I have worked for the Royal Photographic Society and various freelance modelling and photographic sites such as; Net Model, Model Mayhem, Purpleport, Model Society and many more. 

Nowadays, it is extremely encouraging to see more plus size models on the catwalk and those from different ethnicities, cultures, backgrounds and disabilities being celebrated for their beauty and uniqueness! 

Currently I greatly enjoy the freedom of working for non exclusive contracts, being independent of modelling agency contracts and choosing my own hours of work. 

Modelling agencies can be extremely useful for models who need mentoring and are just starting out in the industry. They can also give you a lot of support and tutoring as a model or creative. 

If you a model or creative just starting out in the industry or perhaps you have a portfolio you would love to submit to an agency, I say go for it! Just be careful to read the contract and Terms thoroughly. I would certainly love to be considered by modelling and acting agencies in the future. 

I greatly enjoy the freedom and spontaneity the most! I love that every single day is completely unique to the last! In modelling there is no set of rules or expectations. Every idea (no matter how obscure or eccentric) is considered! The freedom of self expression and imagination is infinite. In art there is no “right” or “wrong”. 

I love to develop a theme, mood board and assemble a team of creatives together from all walks of life. Organising a shoot is rather like baking a cake without a recipe book to hand- you don’t necessarily know the ingredients you will use, or the quantities, but you guess and make it up as you go along! As a result, the outcome is always completely unique! With modelling and photography, that is the basis in which I like to work. I really enjoy the excitement of the unknown. 

The freedom of self expression is extremely powerful also. Much of modelling is acting (and if it isn’t, it should be) and you can choose to be whoever you wish (or whichever character you wish to be) and undergo a complete transformation through hair, makeup, wardrobe and styling. 

The photographic studio becomes your stage and there are always endless possibilities. One of my favourite quotes is “Performance is your only reality”. I like to set the stage and become another character, another dimension of myself. I love the theatrical aspect of modelling and I love to frequently reinvent myself- I think reinvention is key to keeping the mind and body young and energised. 

As a model it is very important to take care of both your physical and mental health. Modelling can be extremely demanding on the body (lifting luggage, travelling long haul, standing in super high heels for 12 hours or more during a photo shoot, holding uncomfortable and poses for a long time, to name but a few). 

I really take great care of my health and well being, so that I am able to work to the best of my ability and be truly present for the team I am booked with. 

I greatly enjoy Yoga for the flexibility! It is also a low impact exercise and gentle on the joints. If you have any aches and pains, or perhaps a strained muscle it is greatly beneficial. For example, I once held a very awkward pose for too long during a photography workshop of mine and this caused sciatica all down my neck and legs for 2 weeks! Yoga and pilates really helped with the pain of this and gradually eased the muscles and joint pain. 

For my diet, I do-not smoke or drink alcohol and I avoid the sun during much of the day. Its also important to look after your skin properly as a model- your skin is your greatest organ and one of your greatest assets. If you are eating or drinking terribly, it will show on the photographs! My only vice is coffee which I absolutely love! I choose not to drink alcohol anymore as I cannot deal with hangovers and I really enjoy being in the present moment (and remembering it!) I have never smoked and as a result have younger skin.
I also have not undergone any cosmetic surgery and instead opt for a more natural look. 

In todays times, this is my USP (unique selling point). I have avoided the fashion to have tattoo’s, breast enhancement, lip fillers and other cosmetic surgery. I am not perfect with my appearance by any means but I am content with the body I have been born with. Its natural to age, to have fine lines and to have pores. I think many of us strive for perfection when its not necessary at all. True beauty for me is flawed- the freckles, character lines, grey hairs, scars, they are all tales of a body well lived in and all with their own stories. 

I am also greatly into meditation which is so beneficial for the mind and body after a long day! I listen to various tutorials and guided meditations on YouTube which have really benefited my life. After a very long day modelling it is often very hard to “switch off” and I found that listening to guided meditation during the evenings is the perfect way to relax and drift off. 

In my spare time I greatly enjoy travel and the arts. I love visiting the theatre and art galleries! I am obsessed with music of a wide variety of genres (from Pop to Classical and all in between!) I am a Mezzo Soprano and greatly enjoy listening to to a wide genre of musical influences. 

There is never a day in my life that I am not listening to music, its a very important aspect of my life. I also love to listen to music on shoots and use this often as a tool in which to create an atmosphere and portray an emotion that is required for the theme. Acting is such an important tool for modelling in order to really create the shot! 

I also collect antiques and have an extensive collection of vintage and antique; ballgowns, dresses, corsets, robes, shawls, shrugs, skull caps, headpieces (such as tiaras and crowns), lingerie, shoes, high heels and very decadent costume jewellery dating from the 1920s period onwards! I am a costume and headpiece magpie! 

My love of Old HollyWood, Pin up and Burlesque definitely influenced my collecting habits! I often source my antiques from Etsy, eBay, various charity shops (such as St Peters Hospice ) local auctions and antique fairs. Its amazing what beautiful items you can purchase in comparison to their modern counterparts! They are often much better quality and well made – and often at a fraction of the price it would cost to manufacture in today’s world! 

I try my very best to recycle garments or give them a new lease of life as much as possible and I often organise charitable events to give back to the local community. 

I’ve been very fortunate to have modelled in such spectacular venues across the globe from the most luxurious and pure decadent accommodation to the most stunning natural beauty surrounded by wilderness! 

If I had a preference it would definitely be to go back to nature, as it is precious, unique and cannot be easily replicated. As a model and photographer, you also have an automatic backdrop ready to use at your fingertips! I also love the spontaneity, uncertainty and adventure of shooting on location. 

There are so many exciting variables to consider (especially in Iceland where you could easily experience all four seasons in one day!), from the weather, the light, the clouds, the surroundings- they are forever changing and as such no photograph can ever be a direct copy of another! As a photographer and model you go away with a truly unique portfolio each and every time you visit! 

One of the most magical moments for me was seeing the Northern Lights dancing across the sky in Iceland, in a multiple of colours! It was absolutely breathtaking and a memory I will always cherish. We were extremely lucky to have such a clear night- and it had taken a few trips to view- but it was well worth the wait! 

One of my most memorable modelling trips was visiting Iceland. I had initially flown out for a getaway to Iceland with my younger sister, after my father had passed, so it was a very emotional time for me. I remember the very first time visiting Iceland and just being so overwhelmed by the natural beauty, it honestly took my breath away. 

Iceland is such a tremendous country (I call Iceland  “The land of fire, ice and snow”. It has certainly become my spiritual homeland and set in the mystical Icelandic volcanic landscape has endless photography possibilities! 

When I returned home I was already planning my next trip. I was so captivated by Iceland, the culture and the people that I knew I had to return, it is a truly magical place. 

For the past six years I have organised and hosted Luxury Photographic Trips to Iceland, all of which have done tremendously well and sold out very quickly! These photographic trips are hosted over 6 days and 5 Nights with accommodation in a Luxury Villa, with your own personal facilities. Food and transfers are included. 

The photographic trip is available for all ages and abilities, from the novice to the professional photographer. I organise two or three professional models for the trip and tailor a time schedule for the group. Food and refreshments are included and there is always plenty of downtime and tourist possibilities for those that would like to explore Iceland further! We have visited the neighbouring waterfalls, The Blue Lagoon and The Secret Lagoon to name but a few! Depending on the time of year, if you are very lucky you may even get the chance to see the Northern Lights! 

If you would love to know more information and to book a place on our next adventures please get in touch for our next tour dates! 

Yes! I am regularly active on all of the major social media channels and I greatly enjoy connecting with fans from all over the world. I am extremely grateful for fans and followers of my work as without them, I simply would not be able to do what I love! 

Social Media gives me the opportunity to keep in touch with fans in real time, develop meaningful friendships, respond to questions and feedback and critique on my work, which is always very welcome. 

I use a variety of different Social Media platforms for various purposes. I showcase my modelling and photography and performance work on; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. All links to my Social Media pages may be found at the bottom of my website here. 

I have chosen to share my work on various platforms and interfaces so that I can connect with fans of different age groups, preferences and artistic backgrounds. Working in this manner allows me to keep all of work appropriate for each platform that I use. This also means that fans and followers of my work will often see unique work of mine on each platform. 

My social links: 








I take great pride in my reliability with over 1300 freelance references to be found online! 

I have a long career with an extensive history of professionalism, creativity and 100% reliability and track record. 

Please find a selection of references and testimonials from my freelance and commercial work below. 

Tina Spratt- (Artist)


This was my first time working with Helen, and she was a fantastic model. She was hard working, had loads of ideas which worked really well alongside my own. She also has an extensive wardrobe of lovely dresses and jewellery which were fun to try. She is very relaxed and easy going and fun to chat to between shots. We created some stunning images together which I plan to develop into paintings, I thoroughly recommend working with her! 

Marcus-Photography (Photographer)

I am just back from a six-day photographic trip to Iceland arranged by the lovely Helen and her husband, Roger, and what a fantastic experience it was! 

The Models were Helen and Pippa doll, and in a group of 5 photographers, with Roger taking care of the driving, we shot against a background of stunning waterfalls, hot springs, moss-covered lava rocks, glaciers, and volcanic beaches. To be honest, it would be hard not to get amazing shots with this combination of models and locations. 

The cherry on the top was seeing the Northern Lights three nights in a row! 

Superbly organised, with plenty of time for landscape photography too, I highly recommend booking on any future Iceland trips they organise. 

Thank you, Helen, I look forward to the chance to shoot with you again! 

Photofrenetic (Photographer)


I worked with Helen on her latest Iceland trip, which she organised along with her partner,  Pippa Doll and 4 other photographers. It was a great experience and Helen showed amazing resilience to the ice cold weather, modelling in sub zero temperatures in front of waterfalls, icebergs and clambering over random lava boulder strewn locations. Art nude aesthetic poses and showy designer dresses were the order of the day and she gave us all a fabulous opportunity to create some awesome images amongst the amazing Icelandic scenery. She also arranged some lovely surprises for us, including a day with the beautiful Icelandic model Jóhannsdóttir and a shoot with some Icelandic horses! 

Helen is also a totally wonderfully mad person to be around and kept us entertained on many occasions. Generous to a fault, with a warm heart and charming personality. 

Thank you Helen for a great experience. I’ll be editing images for many months to come. Hope to work with you again sometime soon. 

Of course, highly recommended. 

Sindy Bloom (Designer)


Helen took me on board as part of the crew for her Icelandic Tour and I was very grateful to be one of the designers chosen. One of my dreams as a designer was to do a photo shoot in the stunning landscapes of Iceland so this was a great chance! I designed and made 3 outfits specially for the occasion. One red organza ball gown dress, a elven wedding dress and a black and blue fantasy tulle skirt and top. I posted everything to Helen and she took great care of the garments through the whole trip, in fact they were returned to me in great condition, even after having been used in all kinds of surfaces outdoors. 

I couldn’t be more happy with the results of this photo shoot, the 6 photographers on board did an amazing job and gave birth to a great collection of shots. Helen was amazing all through the 2-3 weeks that she had the outfits with her, her communication was excellent and listened to my ideas and was always happy to help. 

On the other hand, she is an amazing model, not afraid to shoot in the freezing cold temperatures of Iceland, always looking relaxed and comfortable no matter the circumstances. Her facial expressions are always spot on. I personally loved the variety of poses and the way she made the dresses flow in the wind. She looked like some kind of mythological goddess. 

Thank you so much for everything Helen, I´d definitely recommend her and would love to work with her again. 

Richard Winn (Photographer)

I recently went on another of Helen’s trips to Iceland. After the success of the first one and the earlier one we organised together, it had much to live up to. 

This time we were staying in a beautiful villa in Reykjavik, so it was a slightly different dynamic, than the previous trips, which were more in the wilds. The villa was perfect for the group, allowing a more homely feel and a sense of luxury. It also allowed us to explore the area closer to the capital, while still having some accessibility to the spectacular Jökulsárlón. 

Helen produced an itinerary for two of the shoot days, but the third was left as a “surprise”. This turned out to be a day with a third, local model and a visit at dinner by a local photographer. The locations were also pretty special. 

It was certainly a trip to remember and I can recommend future trips as well as working with Helen more generally. 

Celestial Diamond Couture (Designer)

This is my first time working with Helen and I am absolutely delighted I got the chance to work with her on her recent trip to Iceland. She had asked for two new designs as part of a collaboration, and immediately she told me what she was after and I was happy to oblige. 

Helen’s communications both before the shoot, during the making process and after has been absolutely stellar. There isn’t much else to say that hasn’t already been said. Helen is a true gem of a model, and I can’t praise her or recommend her highly enough. I would love to work with her again sometime. 

Kris Karl (Photographer)


Helen was kind enough to participate in a recording for my podcast. She was full of enthusiasm and experiences to discuss. I really appreciate Helen taking the time to travel over and chat for a couple of hours!  Thank you! 

EdwardKaye (Photographer)


Myself and Helen’s first shoot in a studio and as always the shoots went by in the blink of an eye. As Helen and I have shot together a few times we seem to have gotten our own rhythm and way of shooting down and the images keep getting better. 

I’m not sure a recommendation is needed from this review or lots of hyperbolic words. What I think is needed is to point out that Helen is a creative mind and a very adaptive model who will work with you in the truly collaborative way that will get the type of image you wouldn’t have got without her. 

TwistedPix (Photographer)


Helen had been on my radar for a good while but as I’m a bit rubbish at approaching people to shoot, that was as far as I got. Thankfully Helen gave me a nudge that she was going to be in the area and would I like to get together for a mess about in the studio, which of course I did! 

So we did. 

It was chaotic, hilarious, productive and absolutely wonderful! Exactly how I like my shoots to be… Helen is so easy to work with and it felt like we had worked together many times in the past as we just flowed from the first shot, she had brought some fantastic outfits and a myriad of options to work with, so we were spoiled for choice! 

I’ll work with Helen again in a heartbeat and I can’t wait to be able to post the images once they’re published; get shooting with this lady, ASAP. You really won’t regret it! 

Angel Black UK (Model)

Helen and I shot together for the first time today as part of a 2 photographer and 2 model deal with Ramees and John. She is a stunning young lady with an infectious smile and laugh, everything about her is fun. The way she effortlessly moves through poses, to the way she can break character to have a joke with you almost stuns me. Helen is a really lovely, down to earth person who I would be happy to work with again. All pre shoot communication was spot on. Her work ethic is flawless, as is her delivery of moods and atmosphere through not only her body but her eyes. Helen even offered to supply us with food and there was a constant flow of beverages, which I for one, was very grateful for! We shot in her home which is very lovely! There’s plenty of space to move and work as well as having lots of available natural light. I thoroughly enjoyed our shoot and would look towards another. Thankyou for being such a lovely host and thankyou for a truly enjoyable shoot. 

Angel x 

Chris Burfoot ABIPP ARPS (Photographer for the Royal Photographic Society)


I booked Helen for my RPS Art Nude Course. Her communication was fantastic and turned up on time. She is a joy to photograph, very professional and great fun! 

The delegates loved her and they all got some great shots. I would wholeheartedly recommend her – you will have a great shoot. 

John McNairn (Photographer)


Helen is a fabulous model and lovely person. Great comms, made arranging things easy and straightforward. Extremely lucky to be given the opportunity to shoot with an individual of such high calibre and talent. 

Brilliant to work with, amazingly photogenic and expressive, both in figure and face, confident and bold. We had some ideas but much being largely improvised, the shoot just flowed smoothly with much fun and hilarity. Helen managing to bring to life my only vaguely articulated ideas, as well as adding her own invaluable creativity and direction. Thoroughly professional and committed, hard-working, patient and good humoured, with a wonderful appreciation for available light. 

Highly recommended, get the Diaz experience! 

Carl Grim (Photographer)


Helen Diaz arrived at my studio the night before our shoot. As I was at the theatre with my wife, I had arranged for her to let herself in. When I opened the studio door the next morning, I was totally unprepared for what I saw – a slim yet shapely goddess in a black jump suit. I had worked briefly with Helen before but this was not the lady I remembered . . . 

Helen is beautifully slim and simply stunning – and is, as I did remember, a laugh a minute. 

When she took off that jumpsuit she revealed the most flawless skin you could imagine. I am now in the process of working our shoot – practically no skin clean up required – what a bonus ! 

But this lady is much more than just slim, shapely and skin – there is another s – she is skilled. Helen is an experienced and accomplished art-nude model able to get real emotion into her body language – a rare accomplishment. 

Our final set was shooting in the studio rain storm. For part of this set I gave her some scraps of clothing to put on and out came that final s – sensuality – WOW – our images started to smoulder ! 

Of course you must book Helen – you would be missing out big time if you did not. 

Our next shoot – this time a M/F duo – is already emblazoned in our diaries. 

Julian M Kilsby (Photographer)


Recently shot with Helen for the first time (what took us so long to finally shoot together!). And what can I say that hasn’t been said in over a thousand glowing references! Helen is an absolute pleasure to work with, professional, enthusiastic and flows through poses effortlessly. 

We shot seven very different looks in next to no time and got some fantastic results. So would I shoot with her again? Absolutely! 

Very highly recommended. 

English Photoworks (Photographer)


Helen was modelling at a fine art photography workshop at my studio today. As usual, she hit it out of the park. She is creative, energetic and full of life. The session was very successful and Helen was a big part of that. I love working with her and the workshop attendees had a fantastic experience shooting her. The images were amazing and she is very highly recommended! Thanks Helen! 

Jim Paterson (Photographer)


Helen responded to a last-minute casting call I had put out for a shoot for a magazine article to appear in PhotoPlus and NPhoto magazines. She’s a real pro, both in terms of her ease and poise in front of the camera, and her work behind the scenes with makeup and clothing. Shooting on a windswept beach wrapped in a 10-metre piece of red floaty material, she performed brilliantly, and we got what we needed for the article plus much more besides. She’s also a great character and kept me entertained on the 2 hour drive to and from the beach! 

Terry King (Photographer)


She’s just what I’d look for in a great model, very easy to talk to and fun off camera and then as soon as the camera is ready she flicks a switch and churns out pose after pose. I was very flattered that Helen was willing to push herself on our shoot and try something different and she threw herself into it and I’m very happy that we got something that is a little different from Helen. She’s madder than Harley Quinn and the Jokers love child but in the nicest way  Look forward to working with Helen again. Definitely recommended. 

Further references may be found here: 


Helen Diaz 29

About Helen Diaz

I am a chameleon of the modelling realm and greatly enjoy creating a theatrical set with Hair, Makeup and Wardrobe to suit. 

I can easily transform from a sultry Femme Fatale, to Fashion vixen, to Fine Art Nude goddess and Old Hollywood siren. 

I’m a natural “old school” model from England, UK (Great Britain) and very happy and confident in my own skin. My body is as nature intended, a blank canvas. 

I do not have tattoos and I have never had cosmetic surgery. 

All of my body parts are my own! I am Caucasian, with fair, very light reflective skin. I do-not use fake tan or sun beds. I am also a non smoker and I don’t drink alcohol; they are ageing and I often joke that along with a good diet and a good sense of humour is the secret to eternal youth! 

I take good care of my body and mind. Its true when they say that you should treat your body as a temple! 

I would describe myself as your modern day Bettie Page and something of a rarity in today’s modern world. I believe in embracing your true inner and outer beauty and I take much of my inspiration from Old Hollywood. 

I am famous for my nature hourglass figure and I am one of the 2% of the population to have piercing green eyes. I have chest length dark brown hair. 

My measurements for castings are as follows: 

  • Stats(in/UK) 34C-25-34
  • UK dress size 8
  • 5’6″ tall
  • UK shoe size 4
  • Green eyes
  • Shoulder length dark brown hair

Please note that these Stats are in UK sizing. 

Every single day is truly unique! I absolutely love the spontaneity and excitement of modelling. With modelling there is no “ground hog day”, its a highly creative kaleidoscope! 

Modelling is often underestimated in terms of skill-set and graft. It is a mufti-disciplined role, especially if you are predominantly a self employed model like myself. I am often booked through freelance photography websites, modelling agencies and commercial companies. I also organise various trips, tours and photographic expeditions abroad as Event Manager and host. 

As a freelance model you need to possess a wide range of skills and over the years I have developed many skills in; Business, Marketing, Accounts and Bookkeeping, Event Management, Hair/Makeup (MUA skills), Wardrobe and Styling, Photography, Studio management and more! 

A standard day starts with an early morning start to check admin, castings, social media and respond to any urgent emails. Then its straight into Hair and Makeup for 1-2 hours prior to the shoot (I often create the Hair and Makeup look myself but I occasionally hire a professional MUA depending on the budget the photographer has given me for the shoot). 

After Hair and Makeup is prepped, I will then go into my Walk in Wardrobe, which is full to the brim with beautiful gowns, dresses, lingerie, shoes and headpieces that I have collected over the years. I have a massive passion for collecting antique gowns and costume jewellery! I will then style myself to the mood board which was initially shared to me by the photographer or team. 

After Wardrobe and Styling is complete, I will then grab a quick coffee and a bite to eat before I prepare my home studio. I am very fortunate to have a fully equipped home studio which is my little photography haven! This is our home extension and so we have the luxury of having everything prepared for the shoot on site. Its also extremely convenient for the photographer and team as all home facilities are on site too. 

When I am not working from my home studio, I am often touring the world and living out of my car and suitcase! I greatly enjoy the freedom of long distance driving and love to drive and travel whenever I can. The freedom and Independence that is gained from driving is priceless. From a young age I was addicted to the freedom of organising a tour, packing the car, getting onto the road and seeing new horizons! I never know where my travels will take me next! 

However, like with anything, it takes a great deal of planning prior! Leading up to a tour I am in constant contact with photographers and teams of creatives. I often hire a venue (or several venues) in advance, I book hotels and accommodation, photographic studios and take deposits or payments in advance. I often pack for a tour a week in advance so that I am able to accommodate a wide variety of looks and styling for a vast array of mood-boards. A tour could last 1-2 weeks or more depending on how much interest it has generated. 

I usually drive to my destination a day early so that I can arrive and rest ready for my big adventure! My timetable is usually fully packed to make the most of the trip (and to make it financially viable, as there are usually lots of overheads and costs to consider). As a model its also important to look after yourself on tour, to take the time for self care and to schedule in sufficient time to rest and unwind. 

Once the actual photo shoot starts, its straight into the studio (or location) and straight into posing! Posing, knowing your angles, what poses suit your frame and how to hold yourself is one skill set in itself! An average day in the studio is 9 hours with a break for lunch. My longest day on record was 21 hours! However these days I am much kinder to myself! With age and experience you learn to pace yourself and enjoy the moments. 

I had my very first photo shoot at just two years of age! My Great Uncle was a Wedding and Portrait photographer and ran his own Wedding photography business. He was very kind to photograph our family and produced many prints for us to keep, many of which I still treasure to this day. Looking back on those early moments in my life, I realise how much my Great Uncle inspired me at such a young age, especially for my love of film and photography. 

I was a very outgoing, child, a natural performer and I loved being centre stage (photograph below taken by my Great Uncle Tony). As you can see, even at a young age I was ready to pose on demand! I hadn’t received any formal acting or modelling experience – I was just completely immersed in the performance and arts since a very young child, I adored the whole process and found it very exciting. In the days of film, waiting for the images to be returned to me was something to really look forward to! I remember my heart fluttering at unwrapping the images from the parcel or letter that had arrived in the post! 

I didn’t revisit modelling again until I was 16. I was a painfully shy, awkward and academic teen. To support my studies and to gain work experience, I worked as a cashier in a local supermarket. One day whilst I was at work serving customers. I was approached by a model scout. The model scout worked for Clifton Photographic Studios in Bristol, England. I was very slim (I never had much of an appetite, oh how I wish that was true now!), with very long hair and thick rimmed glasses (my eyesight is really awful!) I was painfully shy in my teens and I remember feeling very self conscious. I had very little self confidence and was your real life “Ugly Betty”. I was known as a geek at school and had low self esteem. I initially thought the model scout was joking, but he gave me his business card and I summoned the courage to call him another day.From here we scheduled my first professional photo shoot in the diary! 

My mother was very supportive and bought me to the photographic studios. My mother was my legal chaperone (as I was under 18) and I remember the excitement, nerves and adrenalin going through my veins that day as we entered the photographic studio! We were served Bucks Fizz in a champagne flute- which I remember being very impressed by, as I had never tasted alcohol before! I felt very grown up! I was then introduced to the Hair and Makeup Artist that day and I felt like a true movie star. Seeing myself transformed was a very surreal experience- I removed my glasses for the shoot and had my makeup applied beautifully (enough to notice, but still age appropriate) I remember not recognising myself and its quite an odd but empowering feeling. 

As I didn’t wish to be photographed in my glasses, I remember not being able to see myself for most of the shoot (!) Looking back over that first professional experience of modelling I smile and wonder I must have looked like bumping into the photography posing stools, lighting and equipment! Now adays I wear contact lenses but I remember trying my very best not to squint, so that I didn’t have frown lines! Over the course of the photography session my confidence increased and I found I could free pose confidentially. I had a fantastic team and photographer that day who made me feel so welcome. I arrived as a young timid girl and left as a confident young woman. Something had changed within me and I had realised that I had found my love of modelling and performing again. 

When the photographs were returned a few weeks later I was amazed at what I saw- “Who was this young woman staring back at me?” I barely recognised myself! I absolutely loved the images and will always cherish them. I received my very first modelling portfolio from Clifton photographic, which little did I realise, was the first stepping stone of my modelling career. I was given a mixture of prints and digital copies from the photo shoot and I used these as a basis to join various freelance modelling websites after the shoot. 

Clifton Photographic Studios are still operating today as a successful “family and makeover photographic studio”. They now operate in Bristol and Bath and I highly recommend the team! I look back on the first photo shoot of my career with great fondness. A link to Clifton Photographic may be found here: https://www.cliftonphoto.co.uk/

After my shoot with Clifton Photographic, I had the “photography bug!”. I didn’t feel that I had enough experience to approach modelling agencies and I always liked the idea of working for myself, so with a little advice decided to join a handful of freelance modelling websites. 

The first modelling website I joined was when I was 17. It was called “Net-model” and still operates today! Here I found an entire community of many thousands of models, photographers, hair stylists, makeup artists, stylists, designers, artists and re-touchers! It was a creative paradise! Net Model were one of the first mainstream freelance modelling websites of their time and to this day I am very grateful to the website for the opportunities the community there gave me as a young model just starting in my career. https://www.net-model.com/

Whilst I was studying for my GCSES and A-levels I worked with many photographers on a TF basis (Time for or “testing”) in order to build my professional modelling portfolio. TF (Time for) means that neither creative is paid (i.e photographer or model) and no money exchanges hands. Instead, each creative works solely for photographs for their portfolio (these can be digital, prints or a mixture). This method of shooting is a great opportunity for creatives and artists at all level of experiences to either build their portfolio from the ground- or to refresh their catalogue of work. It can also be a very good way to collaborate with magazines and authors in order to gain a greater fan base. 

It was from here onwards that I then summoned the courage to apply for castings, modelling events and competitions. Another great method of advertising yourself as a model is to create business cards along with a printed portfolio of your best work and to attend model and photography Socials and Events. It can often be a daunting prospect to introduce yourself to the various model and photography societies, but it is a very quick and easy way to meet like-minded creatives and develop long lasting friendships in the industry. It also means that you can develop a supportive network. Its rather like going to an open day for a job advertised- only usually in a much more informal setting. 

Once I had finished my education I enjoyed much success in my freelance work and gradually made the leap from part time to full time modelling. I greatly enjoy the freedom of Freelance modelling as it means that I can choose my schedule, timetable and working hours. It gives me the freedom of Independence, although it is not to be taken lightly as it is very hard work and multi skills are needed. I would describe myself as a “one woman band” and I often work around the clock. Working freelance takes a great deal of dedication as you are self employed and self reliant. 

As a very young child I was completely fascinated by Old Hollywood and Film Noir photography. I often feel that I was transported from the 50s and re-born again in this lifetime! 

My interest in the arts was fueled by my families artistic talents and interests. My Great Uncle was a Wedding and Portrait Photographer, my Great Aunt a talented painter and artist and my grandparents were pianists and musicians. My parents had a great love of art and music and it was this that was my initial inspiration and a mixture of nature and nurture. I grew up surrounded by the creative arts and music was always centre stage in my childhood home. 

I also had a very strict, old fashioned upbringing which shaped me into the woman I am today. However I am greatly thankful for this as from a young age I was introduced to older music, from the Old Hollywood Era, such as Eddie Cochran, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash, Marilyn Monroe and many more! As a child I was also encouraged to watch older films and series such as; Carry on movies, Faulty Towers, Norman Wisdom, Benny and Hill and more! 

I feel that the fashions and music of the artists I surrounded myself with as a young child really influenced my future modelling and singing. 

I have always admired the “Old Hollywood” era, which was the period of the American film Industry, the golden age of cinema during 1920-1960 in which was regarded as a period of stunning glamour! Imagine luxurious ball gowns, corsets, decadent costume jewellery, opera gloves, stockings and high heels! 

As a result of my upbringing, many of the models that inspired me were prevalent to the 1950s onwards. I absolutely adore the beauty of the famous Bettie Page, who greatly inspired me with my own modelling in Old Hollywood Glamour, Pin Up, Art Nude and Erotica. Bettie Page was a famous Pin up model in the 1950s and a true icon of her time. She still inspires many women today, especially those who are petite and curvy like myself! I am petite and have a natural hourglass figure and naturally found that this genre of modelling was my calling! Bettie was one of the first models to inspire me when I was first starting my career as a young model. 

In comparison, I wasn’t inspired with modern glamour in the same manner (i.e Page 3, Daily Star, Nuts, Zoo etc didn’t appeal and I remember feeling frustrated as I couldn’t relate to the glamour girls of these magazines). 

I quickly realised from a young, teenage model that I felt much more comfortable and at home with modelling and performing Fashion, Burlesque and Old Hollywood Glamour. With age, confidence and a love of sensuality and self expression this naturally developed into a love of Art Nude and Erotica. I prefer the works of Vogue, British Vogue, Marie Claire, Gracia, GQ, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Vanity Fair, to name a few! 

I just love how elegant and timeless this style is with its sophistication and femininity. I love transforming myself into a sexy, sensual Femme Fatale! 

A more modern icon of Bettie Page, would be the sensational Dita Von Teese who is definitely one of my ultimate modern Pin up and Burlesque icons! DIta is renowned for her dazzling haute-couture performance costumes and ornate sets! Dita was without a doubt one of the first Pin up models of this generation in which I feel I could relate to. She greatly inspired me to embrace erotica and burlesque and I am a massive fan of her work! 

Model links: 



In regards to photographers I admire, there are many that I follow and would love to work with or have worked with (past and present). I have always had a great admiration and appreciation of photographers and the art of photography, also due to my upbringing in the photography field. 

I am also a novice photographer myself, as I quickly discovered that I needed to be self efficient during the corona virus outbreak of 2020. I had always wanted to create my own photography works but due to the time constraints of my modelling tours and events I did not have this opportunity until we were in lock-down! 

I absolutely adore the works of Helmut Newton, who has been such an inspiration for my own self-portraits and photography work. I have purchased and enjoyed much of his works over the years and I regularly use his photography books as a working bible and inspiration for my own projects! Helmut Newton was a German-Australian photographer who who was famous for his tantalizing and highly provocative, erotically charged, timeless black and white photographs. Shooting in mono and black and white has always been a great love of mine. I often joke to family and friends that if I could choose to see the world in black and white (from time to time) that I would! Helmut Newton was without a doubt one of the first photographers who inspired me to expand my modelling and photography talents into the erotic and fetish genres. His work gave me the confidence to pursue these genres in a fashion that I found comfortable. 

I also greatly enjoy the photography works of David Bailey, especially his captivating portraiture and love of film. It was Davids portraiture that first inspired me to pick up a film camera! I inherited a vintage Kodak Brownie film camera from my grandfather and was completely transfixed with it! At the moment I primarily shoot my own photography (a mixture of self portraits, fetish and erotica) in natural light. I really love the grain and texture that film produces. Everything looks so ageless and timeless when it is produced in black and white! I feel that you could shoot any genre of modelling and it would still have that quintessential air of elegance and this is what appeals to me in my own photography work. 

A female photographer that I greatly admire is Bunny Yeager- who famously photographed Bettie Page and produced much of Betties iconic Pin up and Burlesque photography books. One of which I own and is signed by the photographer herself! I greatly enjoy shooting with female photographers and over the years in the modelling industry it has been extremely encouraging to see more female photographers taking centre stage. I think its so important to have a mixture of male and female (or non binary) photographers as they all have such a unique perspective on the world. Each also in turn has a slightly different relationship with the model or subject matter that I find captivating! I wouldn’t be without the other an greatly enjoy working with the differ sexes. Its always captivated me how differently men and women view art and the beauty of the human form! 

Modern photographers that I have worked with and who greatly inspired my modelling and photography work are vast but those that have greatly influenced and inspired my own works are; Damien Lovegrove and Carl Grim. 

Damien Lovegrove is a long term friend of mine and one of the very first photographers in my career in which I worked with on an Old Hollywood fashion and portraiture shoot. Damien had kindly booked me to shoot a fashion piece for “Amateur Photographer Magazine”. Little did we know that the photographs from that shoot would later become the cover image of the Magazine! It was a great honour to see myself on the front cover and a complete transformation from the once very shy “Ugly Betty” of my youth. Damien is considered by many to be one of the worlds most influential contemporary photographers. His portraiture is stunning and just by being his model for various projects over the years, its amazing what knowledge, tips and qualities you can pick up along the way as a model and photographer! I can easily say that Damien paved the way for my love of Old Hollywood glamour and shooting film noir in the modern times that we now live in! His photographs are absolutely timeless and I still look back on the photographs in awe. Damien also taught me so much about the important of lighting the model and subject and is an extremely talented photographer of his time. 

Another photographer I can speak highly of is Carl Grim. Carl is a a sensational photographer and highly talented across a vast number of genres. His particular speciality is in capitulating stunning Dance, Art Nudes and Erotica. It was with Carl that I initially summoned the courage to explore my sensual and erotic side of modelling. It was a genre I had always been captivated by but one in which I was very careful to explore. Capturing erotic and highly erotic images requires a great level of trust between the photographer and the model. My aim for erotica is never to produce an image that is explicit, but rather one that is deeply sensual, empowering and tantalizing, inviting the viewers imagination and leaving the viewer to want more. Working with a photographer in this genre requires expertise in lighting, the positioning of the model and execution of the overall image so that it meets all of the criteria above. I knew that working with Carl I would achieve all of these things and more! I absolutely adore the images we have produced together over the years. Carl is a very clear communicator, extremely capable and reassuring. I was very happy to achieve my first erotic images with Carl Grim, which later inspired my own self portrait photography in this genre. I felt that I could then have the confidence to proceed with my own projects. 

Finally, I greatly enjoy working with photography couples! 

I myself am part of a photography partnership and it is so enjoyable, as we both bring different elements “to the table.” 

The photography couple I was extremely fortunate to work with are the famous Yerburys (Faye and Trevor Yerbury)based in West Lothian, Scotland. Faye and Trevor are one of the most talented photography teams I have worked with- together with their wealth of experience in digital and film photography, they are a power house couple in the industry. I greatly enjoyed working in their professional studio and learnt a great deal on posing, lighting and styling the nude form. It was one of the highlights of my career and one of my tours to Scotland. As well as their talent with photography (they are both photographers in their own right) they are also highly talented at fashion, design, Hair/Makeup and styling. Their photography takes your breath away and immediately transports you to a by gone era. I really loved the images we achieved and it was an honour to be a part of their very successful photography workshops. 

Photographer links: 




Aside from modelling, in my spare time, I greatly enjoy photography. I produce a wide range of work for my Purpleport channel and specialise in self portraiture with emphasis on Nude and Erotic genres. 

As a 12 year old, I was a talented writer and poet, which then progressed to songwriting. I quickly realised that the poems had (rather accidentally!) transformed into songs, each with their own verses and choruses. Growing up in a very musical family, I feel that this was a natural progression for me. 

As a child my parents could not afford music lessons, so instead I wrote songs, sung and recorded the melodies.

I was heavily influenced by artists such as; Kate Bush and David Bowie and to date have written over 200 songs. (Lyrics/Melodies). 

Aside from this, I adore comedy, I am a true comedienne at heart having grown up watching many vintage comedies such as; Norman Wisdom, Benny Hill, Fawlty Towers, Dads Army and various Carry on movies! 

I have a truly wicked sense of humour (some may view as non PC!). I have created many humorous comedy sketches, inspired from various characters I have met in the modelling industry along the way (all renamed of course!) I believe that laughter is the secret to any success and it is I aim to bring this to every single shoot. 

There are many photographers and friends who I have met over the years, which together have shaped the artist I am today. 

With my own work I am very inspired by Jack Vettriano of which I often use as inspiration for upcoming photography projects. 

In my modelling work I have worked with many award winning Artists such as Tina Spratt, Stuart Luke Gatherer and Pete Davies. I come from a very artistic background and LOVE to work with artists, of any experience.   

I particularly enjoy being a photographic model for; paintings, sketches, sculptures and body paint. However art has so many disciplines and I greatly enjoy working with digital artists just as much! I have also been a photographic model for the sensational Michael Anderle, one of the most successful Authors on Amazon. Book covers below are featured in “The Kurtherian Gambit series”. 

Below is some of my recent work for American Author: Michael Anderle, one of the most successful Authors on Amazon. 

Book covers below are featured in “The Kurtherian Gambit series” which has received rave reviews. I represent the main character “Bethany Anne”. 

Photography and Digital Artistry is by the very talented:Andrew Dobell. 

Copies of the books may be ordered here. If you would like a signed copy or canvas please get in touch for details! 

The new fan edition may be found here

Artists please do get in touch, I would love to hear from you! 

Looking back on my career I really feel that modelling and the creative arts was the right career path for me and the one I should have always followed. Growing up, I was always a very academic child, highly gifted in academia and writing; however I was constantly torn as I equally loved the arts. 

Much encouragement was put upon me by my parents to study academic subjects and my other strengths which bought me incredible joy such as art (in which I was a A* student) unfortunately had to take second place until I left school. 

As I grew older I grew to regret this and I realised that I had an overwhelming passion for modelling, photography and performing- of which I could not ignore. When you have a natural flair for something and you do not take it up – you feel like a bird with clipped wings. You are able to enjoy it, but you cannot fly. 

Modelling has been a tremendous part of my life and one in which has given me the opportunities to travel the world. As a young child, growing up on a council estate in Bristol, I would never have dreamed that I would have travelled the world, modelled for top photography magazines and been dressed head to toe in haute clothing, designer clothing! I have also met the most wonderful creative people who also greatly enjoy travel and the arts. I love visiting the theatre, art galleries and I collect antiques. I’m very much an old soul! 

long the way, many of which are now long term friends of mine. 

The life skills and Independence I gained by being freelance and self employed were extraordinary. I also gained so much confidence and life skills, such as; Event Management, Advertising, Marketing, Photography, Accounting, Bookkeeping, and much more! 

Modelling is such a multifaceted and highly disciplined role that many initially underestimate. It is never “one job” or “one role” (unless of course you are very fortunate to have a full promotional marketing team and agencies behind you!) 

Instead, it is extremely hard work to do successfully (both mentally and physically) often requiring long days, unsociable hours, much long haul travelling and  living out of suitcases but it is equally highly rewarding! That is what I found completely compelling about the role- the highs and lows of the industry are rather like being on a ship in rough seas. You occasionally get a break and amazing opportunities sent your way if you are dedicated, reliable and willing to learn. However equally, there will be moments of absolute exhaustion from touring, working 14 plus hour days (often in super high heels!) and working away from home much of the year. 

Modelling be highly lucrative also, through a mixture of promotional campaigns, photo shoots, events, workshops and studio days. However my advice is not to go into any profession solely because the “money is good” but rather for self growth and because you have a true passion for the subject matter. If your heart is not in modelling, it will show in the photographs- especially captured in your eyes. 

I have greatly enjoyed working with people from all walks of life and connecting with a wide range of creatives, from photographers, to models, makeup artists, stylists, designers, artists and more! Working with each of these creatives in their speciality has in turn given me a wealth of knowledge and expertise over the years. Being surrounded by such creative and talented artists made such an impression on my own work and also gave me a greater insider knowledge of the industry. Combining skills also gave me access to learn skills I never thought were possible. For example, as a result of working with many stylists and designers over the past, I have also acquired various knowledge. 

Looking back over my career I am filled with immense pride at the stunning imagery, digital and print photography that I have achieved. With photography its something tactile, something you can hold, enjoy and cherish. 

I am really excited for the next chapter of my modelling and photography adventure. My life to date has been captured year by year through thousands of photo shoots- there is something very humbling about seeing yourself age and grow over the years on digital and film. 

Modelling has given me the opportunity to travel the world! 

As a young child, from a poor upbringing I would never dared to dream of visiting the places I have been very fortunate to have stayed as a guest. My career in modelling gave me my wings!

Up until then I hadn’t been travelled on a plane until I was in my early 20s. 

I have been very fortunate to have modelled worldwide in my career and as a result of this now have a real thirst for travel and culture! 

I absolutely love to combine this passion for travel with modelling as much as I can! So far I have visited and toured; The UK (England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Northern Ireland), Australia, Indonesia, The USA, Greenland, Iceland, The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Austria, Greece, Spain and Portugal! 

As part of my modelling journey, I have modelled nude on an Iceberg at the awe inspiring Jökulsárlón glaciers in  Iceland and amongst the freezing waterfalls at Bruarfoss Waterfall! I have also posed nude at the Eqi glacier in Greenland and in my swimsuit on Palm Beach in Australia! I have posed high above the clouds in Madeira and amongst the Munduk Moding Plantation in Bali! 

One of my favourite countries to visit is Iceland! I must have visited this captivating landscape of fire and ice over ten times over the past 5 years of my career! I am always in complete awe of the amazing scenery and possibilities to capture dramatic photographs! I remember the very first time I set foot in Iceland, I was just so in awe at the natural beauty I genuinely had tears in my eyes! I have Fibromyalgia and I greatly enjoy working in cooler climates- so I am in my absolute element in Iceland! 

I adore the culture, the food and the people- so much so that I regularly run my own photographic events here as an Event Manager (please enquire for details if you are interested!) I usually bring a team of 6 photographers and 2 professional models to Iceland a couple of times a year. Luxury accommodation, a full photographic itinerary, Modelling, Hair/Makeup, Styling, Travel, Food (all locally produced and sourced) and great company is all included in each individually tailored trip! I customise the trip to all experiences of photographer; from the novice, to the intermediate and the professional. Photography couples are also extremely welcome All is needed is a passion for photography and an thirst for culture and travel! 

My photographic trips to Iceland receive very high reviews from photographers and often sell out quickly, with many photographers returning for a second trip in the future- so please get in touch if you would love to book a future tour date or to be added to the mailing list! We would love to hear from you! 

Since 2015 I have raised over £20,000 for a wide selection of charities close to my heart. The money was raised through various charitable photography events, workshops and studio days which I organised in various cities across the UK. 

Some of the charities I have been proud to support as a Patron are; The Moggery, Cheltenham Animal Charity, Shelter from the Storm (homeless charity) and Dorothy House Hospice. I always provide receipts for charitable donations for peace of mind. None of the above would have been possible without the extremely kind support from photographers, models and makeup artists on these events. It was definitely a team effort! 

I plan to organise charitable events in the future- if you would love to work together, please feel free to get in touch! 

In regards to my beliefs, I believe in treating everyone with kindness and respect. I will work with anyone in the industry, whether you are a complete novice or a professional in your field. I will also work with anyone, regardless of ability or disability, I do not discriminate. 

Having often been the target of bullying and cyber bullying online, I also offer free and kind advice to those who have been affected. I am a anti bullying spokesperson and I am very happy to help others who have been targeted. 

Just remember that in times of great sadness; bullies are often your greatest fans and; “the greatest revenge is success. ” 



Helen Diaz

Book a Remote Photo Shoot

Book Helen Diaz

Calling all Worldwide photographers! 

I am shooting remotely from my home and home studio to keep the photography spirit alive and to connect with those around the world! 

Lets look back on this time with awe at the photography works we have achieved together and make the very most of the time we have together now. 

The shoot is tethered; as the photographer you have full control of the camera settings and focus from the comfort of your location! 

I am using a Sony A7RIV and I use the Zoom Video Conferencing service for communicating and screen sharing, which will give you remote access to to my monitor from ANYWHERE in the world! 

Talk and interact with me LIVE 1-1, lets get creative and make the most of lock down! Photographs are yours to use and edit, like with any standard shoot.

Bookings are on a 1-1 basis (I am happy to work with photography couples also!) 

I have a beautiful large, clean open planned home with lots of natural light we may use for remote shooting.

I also have a studio with a large array of backdrops, lighting (flash constant and ring lights) and accessories such as a ceiling rope and various posing stools. 

Leading up to the shoot;  I will contact you and ask you to give me an outline of the backdrop/s you would like to use, the lighting, the location (house, studio or mixture of both), Hair/Makeup and Wardrobe/Styling you would like to achieve (always included to a high standard). 

This will be all prepared for you prior to the session to save time. 

Mood boards and Pinterest mood boards are very welcome and really help and inspire my styling ready for the upcoming shoot. I am very happy to take direction and confident to lead (or a mixture of both!) 

I welcome enquiries from a wide range of abilities from beginner, intermediate and professional. 

Please don’t be afraid to get in touch, I am very approachable, FUN and creative! 

I specialise in Fashion, Beauty, Boudoir, Burlesque, Old Hollywood and Fine Art Nude. 

Home Studio 



Helen Diaz